Located in the mythical village of Zipolite, on the Pacific Ocean coast, our spiritual retreat center is ideally built into the mountainside and overlooks the entire region, offering spectacular views of the village and the ocean.

With a small community living here year-round, we strive to live mindfully, sharing daily meditation, yoga and wellness activities.

Whether you’d like to extend your stay with us when you come for a retreat, or you’re just passing through the Zipolite area looking for accommodation, we have THE solution for you!

Please note; pricing below is for personal spiritual retreats. Pricing may vary for group retreats.

Come share unforgettable magical moments with us!

All of our accomodations are equipped with STARLINK wifi Internet to accomodate virtual nomads and travellers. 


Villas available: 2 people per villa


If you’re looking for privacy, our villas are perfect for you. With amazing ocean and jungle views, these villas feature small terrace to relax and enjoy the view and accommodate two people with 2 double beds that can be transformed in 1 King bed.

PERFECT FOR: couples, families or friends to share


Cost of the Villa

  • PER NIGHT: $150 USD
  • PER WEEK: $675 USD
  • PER MONTH: $2,250 USD

What’s included:

  • 2 double beds, that can be transformed into 1 King bed
  • Terrace and hammock
  • Community kitchen
  • Private bathroom and shower


9 rooms available: 18 people


With wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding village of Zipolite, our private rooms are built in the hills and accommodate one or two people. We also have 3 rooms with views of our beautiful gardens.

PERFECT FOR: couples or friends


Cost of a Room w/ Ocean view

  • PER NIGHT: $95 USD
  • PER WEEK: $427.50 USD
  • PER MONTH: $1,425 USD

Cost of a Room w/ Garden view

  • PER NIGHT: $76 USD
  • PER WEEK: $342 USD
  • PER MONTH: $1,140 USD

What’s included:

  • 2 twin beds, that can be transformed into 1 Queen bed
  • Shared terrace and hammocks
  • Shared toilet bathroom and shower


1 dormitory available: 6 people


Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Zipolite’s beach, our dormitory accommodates 6 people,with 6 single beds.

PERFECT FOR: wanderers on a tight budget or nomads who are planning to stay longer



Cost of a Bed in our Dormitory

  • PER NIGHT: $40 USD
  • PER WEEK: $180 USD
  • PER MONTH: $600 USD

Activities Schedule at Pachalegria

kundalini yoga
Yoga practice with mantra and sunrise meditation
Depending on groups and events
daily seva
Marsé, gardening, cooking, etc.
friday night
Mantras and chanting
active meditation
sunday night
Followed by a talking circle
Moonlight celebrations
every full moon from january to april
Temazcal ritual and medicinal plants
Sweat lodge and medicine wheel

Rules for living

for the art of living together at Pachalegria


At the Pachalegria center, we are a community in consciousness, sharing a precious place to live. Zipolite and the surrounding region offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone from the more festive to the exploratory, from the sporty to the spiritually inclined, and this is one of the reasons why we have chosen to establish our spiritual center here.

In the interests of preserving our living space and making it a place where everyone can relax and be present to themselves, with as few distractions as possible, here are the rules to observe when you are on the Pachalegria premises, to ensure that living together is pleasant for all.


I undertake to respect the vocation of the site by not consuming alcohol, drugs or cigarettes on site.

I undertake to respect others by observing a curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to limit (local) guests and excessive noise (radio, music, films).

I undertake to respect the surrounding flora and fauna by not bringing animals onto the site.


I undertake to respect the planet by disposing of my garbage (organic or non-organic) in the designated areas.

All personal items must be collected by you when you leave a common area. The kitchen and dining room must be returned to their original state after each use.

Outside (local) guests are not permitted in common areas without your presence.


It is possible to receive one or two guests in your home when you are present with them, however, they cannot stay overnight and must leave no later than 11 pm.

All guests must also respect our values and rules of life.