All Guardian Animals

in Mayan astrology

Discover all the signs corresponding to a date of birth.

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From Jan. 10 to Feb. 6

To be born under the protection of the monkey is to be inspired by…


From Feb. 7 to Mar. 6

Having a Falcon in your soul family is a sign of…


From Mar. 7 to Apr. 3

Jaguars are passionate people. In the pursuit of their…


From Apr. 4 avril to May. 1

Foxes are born to love, and devote their whole lives…


From May. 2 to May. 29

People under the influence of the snake spirit are seductive, sensual and…


From May. 30 to Jun. 26

People whose souls are guarded by the mouse spirit are sociable…


From Jun. 27 to Jul. 25

Turtles are intimate, soothing and peaceful. They move through life…


From Jul. 26 to Aug. 22

Bats are fighters, enterprising, strong and determined. They are born…


From Aug. 23 to Sep. 19

People born under the influence of Scorpio are very reserved, sometimes even…


From Sep. 20 to Oct. 17

The Stag is the most sensitive being in the Mayan zodiac. Like the graceful animal that represents them, they are both…


From Oct. 18 to Nov. 14

People born under this sign have an extrasensory gift; they can read people’s minds and anticipate…


From Nov. 15 to Dec. 12

The peacock spirit within you is a source of boundless creativity. Give free rein to your imagination and you’ll become…


From Dec. 13 to Jan. 9

Generally speaking, lizards live several lives in one, as they seek to discover…