A haven of peace in the middle of the Mexican jungle

Halfway between an ashram and a community village, inhabited by like-minded people.

About our Soft Opening

Since January 15, 2024, we have been in the process of opening our doors.

All the main buildings have been completed, including bedrooms and practice areas. Landscaping is also 85-90% complete.

However, the pools and other areas are still under construction. The pool is scheduled to open in December 2024.

Our rates take this into account and have been reduced for our first year of opening and operation. We are committed to continuous improvement, and strive to organize our activities accordingly.

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What to expect in terms of lifestyle at Pachalegria

We are a place with a unique style and vocation.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive in the south, our place isn’t for you. We’re not a resort you don’t have to leave during your stay. At Pachalegria, community life is at the heart of our daily activities, and we encourage our guests not to be cut off from the world during their stay.

During your stay in Pachalegria, it’s very easy to travel to the village of Zipolite, or to the other surrounding villages, to pick up some meals, do some essential shopping and above all to discover and immerse yourself in the local community and culture!

We are both :

An Airbnb

for those wishing to stay on their own and rent a room or villa

A center for spiritual retreats and holistic training

for those registering for a group event

A community space

for those who live here year-round as part of a conscious lifestyle, and for those who visit us for special events such as herbal medicine ceremonies, sacred chanting or ecstatic dance.

Come and share unforgettable moments with us!

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At Pachalegria, our walls have a soul! 🩷

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Our values and how they are reflected in our way of life at Pachalegria

We live by heart values and honor the earth, community and nature as the true space to recharge, heal and evolve towards greater consciousness.

We live in the heart of a unique, authentic and inclusive village, and consider our employees to be part of our family.

We have permanent residents who live here all winter long.

At Pachalegria, we have residents and guests who live here for a period of time on their own, renting a room or villa; other guests come as part of an organized group to experience a retreat or spiritual formation; still others are visiting for specific ecstatic dance, meditation or yoga events.

For them, living a healthy, balanced life is at the heart of their spiritual approach. As you stroll around the site, you’re sure to spot our residents practicing yoga on their private balconies.

Meditation and spiritual practices take place here every day, and you’ll see traces of them all around you, between the altars, the practice spaces, our Pachamama mural and many others.

Our animals are part of the landscape, and we strive to preserve its flora and fauna.


As such, we would like to kindly remind you that :

Employees are not servants; they deserve respect and love. You can even help them to live together.

Local people have been the true custodians of these ancestral lands for millennia. We are guests in their country.

We respect life in all its forms. Our animals are at home, you are their guests. You may even come across an escaped hen… She’s the one who gives you eggs every morning.

Luxury versus authenticity

For us, the most important thing is not the luxury or the materials that surround us, but the spirit of the place and the quality of the relationships we maintain.

Our establishment, from the villas to the rooms, not forgetting the practice areas, aims to be sincere and humble, but we too love comfort 😉

Plants and wood predominate, making you feel like you’re in the heart of a tropical paradise! 🌵☀️

Our decor is reminiscent of Mexican culture, particularly the Oaxaca region. You’ll find rich, colorful fabrics sourced and sewn locally. The rooms are comfortable and inviting, the beds are soft and cozy, and the furniture and accessories are sober yet practical and ergonomic. The practice areas are airy and designed to accommodate groups.

Whether you’re a soul looking for a peaceful, restorative break, or an entertainer looking for a unique, heartfelt space in Mexico to host your next event, Pachalegria awaits to nourish your soul and awaken your personal healing and growth.

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Take a look at our ESSENTIAL INFORMATION and you should find what you’re looking for. 😊