The secret for success is unity & a shared vision! 😍

How the adventure started

As we journeyed across the globe, leading spiritual retreats, fate led us to an unexpected pause in Zipolite, Mexico, amid the turbulent first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this transformative period, our once-busy schedules emptied, leaving behind a vast void in our lives and agendas. It was a challenging time, not just for us, but for the entire world, as news of confinement and limitations echoed relentlessly.

Yet, amidst the overwhelming uncertainty, a precious opportunity arose—a time to settle and listen to the true whispers of our hearts, to seize control of our destinies. We delved into existential questions that echoed through our beings:

What legacy do we wish to create in this human experience?

What profound purpose drives us during our fleeting time on Earth?

What vision ignites our souls?

From the depths of introspection, our answers coalesced into a sacred and holistic space—a vision that now stands as PACHALEGRIA. It embodies our commitment to foster harmony with nature, cultivate authentic connections, and champion the pillars of a vibrant and wholesome lifestyle.

PACHALEGRIA is more than a retreat center; it is a testament to our belief in actively contributing to the conscious evolution and liberation of humanity. With its creation, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey, restoring the interconnectedness between self, others, and the natural world.

Join us at PACHALEGRIA, where vision becomes reality, and harmony thrives.

💛🧡Martin Bilodeau, Pachalegria Visioner & Founder🧡💛

Pachalegria: The Union of Two Words

Pacha is a Mayan word meaning Earth, World or Home. It represents our primary intention: to create a living space where everyone feels “at home”. Like Mother Earth who supports us without discrimination or judgment, our desire is to create a small world where each person is welcomed, loved and dignified by simply being themselves.

Alegría is a Spanish word that translates to happiness, joy, jubilation, ecstasy. It represents for us this urgency to celebrate and honor life in all its forms. The return to joy as the basis of our healing and evolution processes. Alegría is the liberation of natural joy beyond the ego, the mind, the complications of our modern lives. It is an inner breath that invites us to dance with life.

By combining these two worlds we want to honor both our earthy and primordial nature as humans, and our aspiration for elevating our consciousness and looking for that divine state which we all have within ourselves.

Pachalegria’s Team on site

Martin and Said, with Margarita, Yuri, Fabian and Hermandito.

The 5 pillars of our Philosophy


We recognize the interconnectedness and beauty of all beings, and courage the sharing of knowledge and practices that inspire the awakening and expansion of consciousness without being dogmatic or exclusive.

Love for Nature

We seek innovative solutions to adopt a lifestyle based on sustainable practices, always ensuring love for the land. It is our responsibility to weigh the impact our actions have on this planet.


Because we believe in responsible education, with the aim of inspiring everyone to bring their sacred dream to life, we invite spiritual leaders and organize events and initiatives to continue to evolve and flourish.


We promote the development and integration of modern and ancient practices, to heal ourselves, while prioritizing the sustainability of the planet. We see health as holistic: body, heart and mind.


Through the practice of yoga and other sacred movements, we strengthen the connection of mind, body & spirit while building community bonds and reinforcing action & engagement.

About Martin Bilodeau

Founder of Pachalegria Martin Bilodeau is an urban Buddhist who wishes to transmit and honor the spiritual heritage of the world. He is author of “Awaken your little buddha within”, “The practical guide to modern tantrism”, and “Chronicles of an urban buddhist”.

He collaborates on Ma Zone Fit with Josée Lavigueur, on the show BIEN with Saskia Thuot and on Simplement bien magazine with Nathalie Simard, in addition to participating in numerous collaborations as an expert, guide and accompanist with Chantal Lacroix.

Lecturer & teacher of meditation, he shines internationally animating retreats and spiritual journeys all over the world.

Find our more about Martin visiting his website.

The Magic of Playa Zipolite

Nestled between the renowned Mexican bays of Huatulco and the bustling hub of Puerto Escondido, Zipolite is a picturesque village that graces a captivating beach adorned with wooden shacks, palapas, and intentionally rustic boutique hotels.

Not yet discovered by the mass tourism radar, Zipolite is famed as Mexico’s first nude beach and a haven for the vibrant hippie culture that flourished in the 1970s. Its name, “beach of the dead,” holds a local legend rooted in ancient Zapotec traditions, where the indigenous people would honor their departed by offering their bodies to the shore. This intriguing tale only adds to the sacredness and potent healing energy that permeates this place.

Today, Zipolite stands as a truly unique destination, not only in Mexico but potentially in the world. It harmoniously combines indigenous traditions, the free-spirited essence of the hippie movement, and a thriving expat community comprising individuals from diverse corners of the globe. It is a place where people of varying backgrounds and heritages coexist and co-create, embracing their differences with open hearts.

Zipolite is one of those rare earthly gems where liberation and respect flow effortlessly, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and celebration. Here, beings find the freedom to express themselves authentically, making it a sanctuary unlike any other.

Welcome to Zipolite, where diversity thrives, liberation reigns, and respect for all is cherished.

Social responsibility

Protect indigenous communities by preserving their lands and honoring their ancestral culture.

Support the needs of children living in poverty by offering school and educational materials.

Offer people working for us and their families financial stability and the necessary income to lead an honest and adequate life.

Help families in extremely precarious situations following natural disasters to prevent them from ending up on the streets.

Be aware of our impact on the earth, especially with regard to water scarcity which is one of the most sensitive subject here in México.