Sacred psychology and ritual work

Sacred Earth

from April 5 to April 11, 2025








Sacred Earth

from April 5 to April 11, 2024

Find yourself and the divine through the natural world of Mexico!

This retreat is an invitation to retreat into yourself, transcend the limits of the self and recharge your batteries in nature.

Vision quest, herbal ceremony, sweat lodge, meditation in nature, ecstatic rituals and more!

My invitation

We invite you to experiment an exceptional process of enchantment and spiritual healing that will enable you to reconnect with the sacred and true source within you. Immerse yourself with us in a world of beauty and magic as you relearn to live in harmony and heal yourself consciously.

This week is an invitation to RE-discover practices from ancestral traditions to activate the memory of our ancestors and forever transform our relationship with the universe.

While preserving the essence of these traditions, we’ve created rites and practices that are accessibleinspiring and transformative.

A journey to the heart of sacred psychology and ritual work

This spiritual retreat opens the door to the infinite possibilities and potential of your unconscious mind.

This week will enable you to discover new techniques for guided dreaming, experience moments of awakened consciousness thanks to the Tibetan method, explore the yoga of sleep approach and discover creative and intuitive exercises for interpreting and reconstructing your dreams.

Expansion of consciousness

Participate in this spiritual week to experience the expansion of your consciousness, liberation and inner healing.

Collective unconscious

Dive into the heart of the collective unconscious and connect with the wisdom of all humanity.

Archetypal symbols

You’ll be transported into a world of archetypal symbols that offer you essential keys to complete your evolution. These inner symbols are your allies in transforming and freeing your psyche from obstacles to your happiness.

Come and explore with us this world of symbols and archetypes to discover the hidden truths about your fears, desires and unconscious blocks.

🪷We are a sponge for the energy and nature around us. 🌵

We have to stop defending ourselves from feeling and “sensing”, because sacred space is a space of openness and connection. In this state, you can’t discriminate; you’re open to everything! You have to relearn how to navigate and transform. In this way, we sponge off life and the heart opens up to “squeeze” the sponge and free the soul through art, meditation and ritual.

Martin Bilodeau, April 2023

During these five days, you will experience:

Healing ceremony with huachuma, medicine cactus

Exploring endemic mushroom medicine as medicine for the soul

Daily "rapé" ritual (optional) to free oneself from thought patterns and psychic limitations

Introduction to the animist vision of sacred nature

Meditation and contemplation to connect with the invisible around us

Native medicine wheel

Experience amplified levels of consciousness

Discussions on the ancestral philosophies of mother earth religions

Mindful walking and sensory awakening practices

Sound healing and sound baths

Mandala offerings to the Earth

And much more!

Huachuma, San Pedro cactus

In Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, huachumeros still conduct huachuma ceremonies for the same reasons as their ancestors. The plant is used for prayer, communion with nature, access to the spiritual world, expansion of consciousness and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

People who have participated in huachuma ceremonies have reported feeling inspired, having a spiritual or out-of-body experience, more creativity, experiencing an opening of the heart, healing from trauma, freedom from depression, PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety, chronic pain and addictions. There are even claims of “miraculous cures” with the use of huachuma – sudden healing of chronic problems, cancer, infertility, etc.

Medical research on San Pedro has shown that it can lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, has anti-inflammatory properties and can treat hypertension, anxiety and nervous disorders.

Shamanic sweat lodge ritual

Experience great healing and purification.

In our modern world, we have lost the privileged contact with nature, the elements and ancestral practices that enabled us to celebrate the passages in our lives. Rituals inspired by shamanic traditions offer a unique opportunity to return to our roots, and powerful tools for inner transformation.

The sweat lodge is a sacred ritual that offers a purifying experience for body and spirit. We gather together naked in the hut to represent a return to mother earth and reconnection with our essence. Beyond the form it takes, this rite has initiatory, healing and self-revelatory aims. It is through an intimate connection with the elements (earth, water, fire, air, spirit) that alchemy takes place.

The hut itself symbolizes Mother Earth’s womb, where the presence of water, fire and earth find their place in our deepest unconscious, making us revisit those primordial moments of our lives and reveal buried parts of our humanity.

It is from this womb that we can then emerge as a new woman or a new man, to express with courage and authenticity who we are.

Rapé ritual

Rapé is one of these psychoactive substances. Used for thousands of years for sacred and spiritual practices, this snuff offers numerous benefits.

When rapé enters your nose, it immediately penetrates through your mucous membranes into your bloodstream. The constituents bind to nicotine receptors, leading to increased production of dopamine, acetylcholine and epinephrine. These chemical processes cause the person to feel relaxed and calm, yet aware and alert. This happens quickly and often feels like a jolt, but it doesn’t usually cause anxiety or fear.

Rapé brings you into a place of acute attention and awareness. The mind becomes calmer, negativity fades and emotional tensions are released. People often feel more grounded during the experience, allowing them to clear up confusion or discomfort about a problem they may have encountered.

If you focus on the intention you’ve set yourself, you can easily find what you were looking for, whether it’s a state of consciousness or an answer to a question. Your mind is purged of everything it needs to let go. The body often follows suit.

Physical effects

We’ve mentioned the purgative effects of rapé. While many people may feel that this is not an ideal situation, the purgative and expectorant properties of rapé.

By forcing a release of toxins, mucus and other undesirable things in the body, rapé helps to purify your system. This boosts your immunity and helps especially with congestion problems. At the same time, the body can release physical tension, resulting in a relaxed, peaceful state.

Healing experiences and ceremonies

Rituals with medicinal plants that induce altered states of consciousness, contact with the divine, spontaneous healing.

When Mother Earth offers us new possibilities to get out of distress, to heal mental health disorders, the limits of the ego and the anguish of living through psychedelic plants.

So much has been written in recent decades about the use of psychedelic plants and how they have contributed to the evolution of mankind. Academics, writers and scientists, including researcher Graham Hancock, psychologist Timothy Leary and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, have proposed that our very evolution is inseparable from the use of psychedelic drugs and how they have shaped the human experience.

Reconnecting with the sacred essence of nature

FOREST IMMERSION, a term sometimes translated as Japanese sylvotherapy or forest bathing.

An age-old health practice in many traditions around the world. Therapeutic guided walks in the forest combine playful exercises and small rituals in tune with the beauty of nature.

Healing through sound and music

Healing concert with crystal bowls, cellular reprogramming, sacred chants and kirtan.

Sound healing is the process by which a practitioner uses music – including emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, social, mental and superficial – to improve a patient’s health.

This healing therapy improves many facets of the patient’s life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, and psychological and psychiatric health.

Healing with sound occurs in many ways: patients listen or sing, improvise musical acts, meditate, sing and play musical instruments. Some practitioners subject patients to sounds specifically designed to induce positive brain waves.

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About the products we use

All products used in the ceremonies are sourced from fair trade markets in indigenous communities in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

your guide

Martin Bilodeau

Martin is an inspired and playful yogi. He has been teaching with passion for over 10 years and continues to travel the world to further his personal exploration.

Spring 2025

from April 5 to April 11, 2025

Practical Information


Retreat language

This retreat will be conducted mainly in FRENCH.

2025 Schedule

The retreat runs continuously from April 5, 2024 to April 11, 2025. The program begins on Saturday with a welcome and tour of the premises at 5pm, a meal at 6pm and a first practice at 8pm, and ends on Friday morning.


Would you like to take part in a retreat, but you’re on your own? No problem! Choose the Double Ocean View or Double Garden View option and we’ll match you up with another person.


Medical constraints

For reasons of medical safety and the comfort of all, it is EXTREMELY DISADVISED to register for this retreat if:

  • You are taking antidepressants or any other conventional medication for a severe and persistent mental health disorder.
  • You or a family member have experienced schizophrenia-like illnesses in your lifetime.
  • If you have a food allergy to mushrooms and/or cacti.

Also, if you suffer from anxiety disorders and/or are being treated by your doctor for mood disorders, we advise you to speak to your doctor before registering for this retreat.

Retreat schedule

Download the retreat schedule to better prepare yourself.

Cost of the retreat


USD $800

per person


USD $270

in force until December 31, 2024

USD $324

effective January 1, 2025

per person

double occupancy with ocean view, shared bathroom

rate includes 6 nights’ accommodation



It’s possible, but you’ll have to pay the double-occupancy rate + 50%. For example, if you book before January 1, 2025, you’ll pay $270 USD + $135 USD for a total of $405 USD for the duration of the retreat.



Yes, but please note that a meal package is required for the retreat to run smoothly.



By reserving your place by December 31, 2024, you benefit from the opening rate (reduced by 20%). The full rate comes into effect on January 1, 2025.

You can attend the retreat without booking accommodation. However, a meal package is required for the retreat to run smoothly.

Meal plan

USD $300

per person

6-day meal plan including pre-breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Total cost of the retreat

USD $1,370

in force until December 31, 2024

USD $1,424

effective January 1, 2025

per person

double occupancy with sea view, shared bathroom

includes 6 nights accommodation in double occupancy and 6-day meal plan

Airfare and local transportation not included

Please refer to our ESSENTIAL INFORMATION page for our travel recommendations.

Terms and conditions

We require a minimum of 10 people for a group.


We will require a 25% deposit upon reservation for this minimum, a second 25% fee 30 days before the event, and the balance upon arrival, adjusted to the final number of participants in the event.

The 25% deposit is based on 10 participants in double occupancy in a standard room.

We offer free accommodation to any accompanying person from 14 participants.

All deposits are final and non-refundable.

Payment schedule 


50% of the retreat amount at the time of booking

Balance of payment (50% of the retreat amount, plus applicable taxes) 7 days before the start of the retreat

Deadline: March 29, 2025


25% of the cost of accommodation at the time of booking

25% of the cost of accommodation 30 days before the start of the retreat

Deadline: March 5, 2025

The balance of payment (50% of the accommodation and food package) will be made 7 days before the start of the retreat.

Deadline: March 29, 2025

Book your place now!

Make your deposit

Reserve your place now by making your USD $400 deposit, plus 25% of the chosen accomodation.

The deposit is calculated on the cost of hosting the retreat.

Choose your accomodation

When making your reservation, please indicate your choice of accommodation.

We’ll take care of booking your accommodation at the Pachalegria Center for you.

Booking confirmation

Receive confirmation of your booking and instructions for the retreat.

30 days before the start of the retreat, you will receive a payment link to pay half of your accommodation. Finally, 1 week before the start of the retreat, you’ll receive the payment link to pay the remainder (retreat balance, accommodation balance and food package if chosen).

Looking to extend your stay?

Whether you’d like to extend your stay with us on a retreat, or you’re just passing through the Zipolite area looking for a place to stay, we’ve got the solution for you!

Whether you’re visiting us for a few days or a few months, we’ve got room for you, a host of diverse and enriching activities, not to mention the sea, Mexican cuisine and local culture.

You can extend your stay on site. Payment in cash or via secure link.

Our commitment

This is not the first edition of this retreat! We have over ten years’ experience in leading spiritual retreats, and many of our past participants come back again and again, even after many years!

We’re committed to ensuring that your spiritual retreat lives up to your expectations.