Invest consciously: become a Pachalegria partner

Invest consciously: become a Pachalegria partner

To carry out our project for a spiritual retreat center and holistic spa in Mexico, we are offering you the opportunity to become our financial partner. We believe that solidarity financing, also called crowdfunding, is the best way we have as a society to create equity and use money as constructive energy, in order to create together the bases of a better world.

We need your support to achieve our vision. 

Check our budget forecasts and examples of return on your investment.

6 reasons to invest in Pachaelgria

Profitable yield for real estate investments

Return on investment is expected to be 5% per year over 10 years. This means that for every $10,000 invested, you will get $4,000 after 10 years.

Property values will not depreciate

Mexico is enjoying exceptional appreciation and the property value does not depreciate. The Oaxaca coast is among the top 10 fastest growing real estate markets in the world and demand easily outstrips supply.

Mexican economic development

Mexico is the seventh tourist destination in the world and is the country that attracts the most FDI in Central and South America.


Modern infrastructure development

From high-speed internet and major highways, to excellent medical facilities, international schools, and top-brand outlets, Mexico also offers modern infrastructure that makes it easy to have fun and feel at home

Best value for your investment

If you were to compare the cost of real estate in Tulum, near the Mexican Caribbean Sea, to the price in France or in Quebec, the difference might surprise you.

Growth of the wellness market

With an always-increasing number of people looking for health, self-growth and spiritual development, estimates claim the global wellness market to be over $1.5 trillion, growing 5 – 10% annually.


Our project in 3D

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