A night filled with magic, healing and inspiration

Moonlight Celebrations

Every Full Moon, from Janvier to Avril 2024

Moonlight Celebrations

Every full moon, from Janvier to Avril 2024

Welcome to our night of magic, healing and inspiration. Every full moon, we invite you to experience the divine in nature and in yourself. We choose for you the most beautiful site for this exclusive event that we create only for 20 people each month.

During this night, we will journey in the spirit of the grand father of the plant medecine, the Huachuma.

In many traditions, the full moon represent enlightenment. It is an invitation to realize our true nature that is light. The moon symbolize ourself. The reflection of the sun represent the divine energy. The full moon is the symbol of our true self when we surrender to the divine. In this night we invite to live this communion.

During the celebrations

You will experience


San Pedro

Maya Fire ceremony

Singing circle


Jungle night experience and more!

Our sanctuary in nature

Cascadas magicas

We enter the jungle to discover an enchanting site of waterfalls and crystal clear water. It is in this eco-tourist park that we have the opportunity to live a magical night together in an intimate way through the medicine of the Huachuma.

The presence of the blue morpho butterfly, the exotics flowers, the jungle trees and the fairy waterfalls bring us directly in a world of magic and beauty.

Huachuma & San Pedro

In Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador there are still huachumeros who lead huachuma ceremonies for the same reasons their ancestors did. This plant is use for prayer, communing with nature, gaining access to the spiritual world, expanding consciousness, and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

People who have participated in huachuma ceremonies have reported feeling inspired, having a spiritual or out of body experience, more creativity, experiencing a heart opening, healing of trauma, freedom from depression, PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, and addictions. There are even claims of “miracle healings” with the use of huachuma – sudden healing from chronic issues, cancer, infertility, and more.

Medical research into San Pedro has shown that it can lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiac disease, has anti-inflammatory properties, and can treat hypertension, anxiety, and nervous conditions.

your guides

Every full moon of 2024

For january, february, march and april 2024

Janvier 25

Février 24

Mars 25

Avril 23

Practical Information





Access the a exclusive and private space in the eco park car)


The guide for the ceremony


Special singing guest and musicians


All herbal material required for the celebration


The tents and matresses


Toilet and shower facilities


Transport from Zipolite to our sanctuary (two hours by car)

not included

(you must bring)



Sleeping bags, pillows and extra blankets, as needed


Reusable containers for water


Pareo, beach towel or anything you feel comfortable with to sit on the ground


Mosquito and bugs repellent


Biodegradable soap for morning bath in the cascades

Cost of one celebration


USD $400

per person, per celebration

Total cost of the celebration

USD $400

per person, per celebration


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