One-week getaway!

Tantra for couples

March 2 to 8, 2024








Tantra for couples

March 2 to 8, 2024

This getaway offers you three daily practices of meditation, kundalini yoga, tantra and other awe-inspiring activities to help you rekindle the flame of love.

You’ll also have free time during the day to relax on one of the many beaches, explore the local villages and simply savor the moment.

It’s a dream vacation that will help you free your mind, soothe the distractions of everyday life and rediscover the joy of your union.

My invitation

For me, tantra is about expanding our consciousness and celebrating life. During this week, I propose to use it to enrich your intimacy with yourself, with your partner, with your friends, with your family and with the whole universe.

Tantra is not a religion, and it’s not just about sex. It is above all a path of self-knowledge and spiritual awakening for life.

Like love, Tantra can only be truly understood through experience. Of course, you can talk about it, read about it and receive teachings on the subject. But the fact remains that you won’t really know tantra until you’ve experienced it. As an initiate of Tibetan tantrism, OSHO and Yogi BHAJAN, my aim is to transmit this wisdom to you in a way that’s accessible, inspiring, festive and, above all, relevant to modern life.

I look forward to sharing this week with you!

Through Tantrism, you will

Get closer to yourself

Celebrate all facets of your life

Rediscover the spiritual meaning of your relationships

Unify your "feminine" and "masculine" polarities

Live your sexuality consciously

Put love back at the forefront of your life

Treat yourself to the perfect vacation to rejuvenate your body, heart and mind as a couple.

A relaxing journey filled with spirituality

Days are designed to include lively sessions of active meditation, Kundalini yoga and Tantric meditation in the morning. The afternoons are free, with outings to discover local attractions. Evenings will feature tantric ceremonies to explore this initiatory path that puts love back at the forefront of your life and puts your body and sexual energy at the service of your personal evolution.

A word on nudity

Nudity will be present during the week for certain tantric practices. Nudity is a call to open the body and awaken the senses, as well as abandoning taboos. It must not become an end in itself, or a distraction that often distracts from the true essence of Tantra. You can dress lightly and remain comfortable, or feel free to be naked, as you wish!

You will experience

Tantric meditation

To enable you to let go, experience gentle energy rises, free yourself from ego, reconnect with the heart, develop full awareness in the body and integrate the transformations you’ve experienced.

To activate your joy, release your energy and restore your passion for life. Intuitive dance sessions in contact with partners will also develop listening skills through body, rhythm and breathing.

To awaken your senses, release your inner strength and reach states of sweet ecstasy

To open the space of the heart, create a sense of group communion and unite with higher consciousness

Through: tantric greetings, rite of awakening of the senses, tantric massage, white tantra, body painting, rite of touching and more

Tantric celebrations during the retreat

Tantric salutations

Rite of awakening the senses

Tantric massage

White Tantra

Body painting

Rite of touching

And more!

The spirit of each of these evenings is celebration, playfulness, authenticity and love!

your guide

Martin Bilodeau

Martin is an inspired and playful yogi. He has been teaching with passion for over 10 years and continues to travel the world to further his personal exploration. 

Winter 2024

March 2 to 8, 2024

Practical Information


Retreat language

This retreat will be hosted in FRENCH ONLY.


The retreat runs continuously from Saturday March 2, 2024 to Friday March 8, 2024. The program begins on Samedi with a welcome at 3pm, a meal at 6pm and a first practice at 8pm, and ends on Vendredi morning.

Retreat costs include

A guide and teacher dedicated to your well-being throughout your stay

14 tantra, kundalini yoga and meditation sessions

Dolphin snorkeling in the open sea

Temaskal (shamanic rite and sweat lodge) with a Mexican shaman

Mazunte (sunset and natural jacuzzi)

Walking along the seafront

Talking circle and group discussions

Cost of the retreat


USD $1,120

per couple


USD $540

per couple

double occupancy, shared bathroom

Meal plan

USD $600

per couple

Option for a 6-day meal plan including pre-breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Total cost of the retreat

USD $2,260

per couple

double occupancy, shared bathroom

Terms and conditions

We require a minimum of 10 people for a group.


We will require a 25% deposit upon reservation for this minimum, a second 25% fee 30 days before the event, and the balance upon arrival, adjusted to the final number of participants in the event.

The 25% deposit is based on 10 participants in double occupancy in a standard room.

We offer free accommodation to any accompanying person from 14 participants.

All deposits are final and non-refundable.

Payment schedule 



50% of the retreat amount at the time of booking


Balance of payment (50% of the retreat amount, plus applicable taxes) 7 days before the start of the retreat

Deadline : February 24, 2024



25% of the cost of accommodation at the time of booking


25% of the cost of accommodation 30 days before the start of the retreat

Deadline : February 2, 2024


The balance of payment (50% of the accommodation and food package) will be made 7 days before the start of the retreat.

Deadline: February 24, 2024


Book your place now!

Make your deposit

Reserve your place now by making your USD $560 deposit, plus 25% of the chosen accomodation.

The deposit is calculated on the cost of hosting the retreat.

Choose your accomodation

When making your reservation, please indicate your choice of accommodation.

We’ll take care of booking your accommodation at the Pachalegria Center for you.

Registration confirmation

Receive confirmation of your registration and instructions for the retreat.

30 days before the start of the retreat, you will receive a payment link to pay half of your accommodation. Finally, 1 week before the start of the retreat, you’ll receive the payment link to pay the remainder (retreat balance, accommodation balance and food package if chosen).